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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of numerology?


What's Your Number?

Semi-Circle Numerology was founded by Donetta Huffman to assist individuals in uncovering the concealed vibrations present in numbers and names. Searching The Divine offers a range of services, including the purchase of books, booking personal sessions, and discovering the potential of numerology.  You can learn about your purpose in life, your undisclosed desires, the initial impression you make on others, and latent abilities that can aid you on your journey.  

Books & Cards by Donetta

These little books will quickly become somewhat of a personal how-to-succeed manual and my hope is that you use it every day.  It is filled with information that is meant to both comfort and encourage you to live up to the potential bestowed upon you at birth. This individualized knowledge will assist you in the implementation of your strengths, to seize opportunities, have the stamina to work through challenges, and in obstacles find growth. 

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