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Donetta Huffman

Donetta Huffman has been a master numerologist for over 35 years. Early in her life, she began having memories of a past life with Pythagoras, the father of numerology. In that lifetime, she knew that he was her teacher and mentor. These recollections have led  her to have an intense loyalty to him, and her studies keep her true to his original philosophies of numerology. This sacred knowledge is what drives her in her writings, classes, and personal readings.

Donetta is the author of Semi-Circle Numerology cards, the only true numerology cards currently on the market, published in 2012.


Donetta took the uncertainty of 2020 as a sign and began to write again. Writing for her is like an explosion, it all must come out and she now had time to write all the books she had been planning for years. After gathering old computers and files full of years of writings, Donetta was able to finish 27 books. Now available, Life Path books for 1-9, Soul books for 1-9, and the Awakening Your Life Path 30-Day Challenge books 1-9. All available on Amazon and her web site.


Married to her husband Dan since 1984, they have 4 children and 2 grandchildren.

Contact Donetta for a personal reading, order books or the Semi-Circle numerology cards here.

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