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Your Life Path number is the most important number in your chart and is based
on the exact date of your birth.
I like to think of your Life Path number as your mission for this lifetime.
Representing an agreement, this is a plan you made with God/the Universe and
based on prior lives.  You might think it as what you are here to work on for
this incarnation based on past knowledge and experiences.
This Wisdom class will assist you in getting in touch with your unique Life
Path vibration.  As you learn to sync with the pulse of your Life Path, you
may more easily access your higher self and begin to step into your innate
powers and get to the real reasons you decided step into this life at this
time in history.


*Add your date of birth in notes when checking out*


Learn Numerology from renowned Numerologist, Donetta Huffman, author of Semi-Circle Numerology Cards, Life Path 1-9, Soul 1-9, and Awakening Your Life Path, 30- Day Challenge 1-9 books. In this beginner’s class, you will learn how to calculate your core numbers. Donetta teaches the ancient knowledge of Pythagoras, the Father of Numerology. Pythagoras believed that there are recognizable patterns in the vibration of numbers and these patterns can be used to identify talents, characteristics, and inner strengths. It is a philosophy based on the Universal language of mathematics.


Please join me for this exciting and fun class. Bring a friend. You will laugh, you may cry, because your numbers will be so accurate, you will surely be amazed. You will want to rush home to share this with your spouse, your kids, your friends! You will find yourself asking everyone you know….



Wisdom Class [Based On Your Life Path Number]

  • Virtual Classes via Zoom 

    Email Donetta for Class Schedule

    Once you recieve book and schedule class, Zoom password will be sent via email. 

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