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Your Soul number is based on the numerical value of the vowels represented in
your given birth name.
Are you feeding your Soul?  Mindfulness class is designed to be Soul
enriching. In numerology, the Soul number is characterized as one’s secret
desires, intimate dreams, and deepest hopes.
This Mindfulness class can assist you in getting in touch with your unique
Soul vibration and help you remember what dreams you may have lost track of.
After taking this class you may find it easier to access your passions and dreams for this lifetime.


Continue your journey by learning more about your numerology from numerologist, Donetta Huffman, author of Semi-Circle Numerology Cards, Life Path 1-9, Soul 1-9, and Awakening Your Life Path, 30-Day Challenge 1-9 books.  In this class, you will delve deeper into who you really are numerologically. You will also be able to begin to give readings to family and friends with the knowledge you gained in previous class using the Semi-Circle Numerology Cards. Pythagoras, the Father of Numerology. Pythagoras believed that there are recognizable patterns in the vibration of numbers and these patterns can be used to identify talents, characteristics, and inner strengths. It is a philosophy based on the Universal language of mathematics.


Learn to calculate your minor numbers, these are based on the name you currently go by, shortened, married, nick names. I call them tools for your toolbox of life. There is a reason you receive these numbers and you will find it fascinating learning what they are.


Please join us for an afternoon of fun. Bring a friend. You will laugh. You will be amazed. You will want to rush home to read for your spouse, your kids, your friends! You will find yourself asking everyone you know….



Mindfulness Class [Based On Your Soul Number]

  • Virtual Classes via Zoom 

    Email Donetta for Class Schedule

    Once you purchase class and schedule class, Zoom password will be sent via email. 

  • This class will include:

    Your personal Soul book.

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