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This deck of extraordinary cards was written and published by Donetta Huffman in 2012. Currently they remain the only true numerology cards on the market. Intuitively and through past life regression, Donetta believes she was a student of Pythagoras, the father of numerology. Understandably, her loyalties to him remain of paramount importance in her life’s work as a master numerologist.  Her goal is to remain true to his original theories and beliefs.


Instantly wow your friends and family with the amazing insights contained in these cards. Requiring only a birthdate and given name, easily calculate your Life Path, Soul, Personality and Destiny number.  


Box Set Contains:

44 Numerology cards

4 Instructional cards for each suit

Pythagorean Letters to Numbers Guide

Complete Directional Booklet.


*Companion worksheets available in the download section*

Semi-Circle Numerology Cards

SKU: ISBN 978-0-615-58062-3
  • Included in this set:

    44 Numerology Cards (4 sets of 1-9, 11 and 22)

    The complete set of Semi-Circle Numerology Cards. Each card details a number from one of the 4 suits: Life Path, Destiny, Soul, and Personality. Quotes included on cards are from influential people who shared your number.


    Pythagorean Letters to Numbers Guide

    Use this card to help you translate letters to numbers.


    4 instructional Cards

    These cards will show you how to find each of your 4 numbers.


    *Companion worksheets available in the downloads section*



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