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Whether you know a little bit or nothing at all about numerology, you will
greatly benefit by taking this class. It is a 4-week, interactive, and easily
accessible on Zoom. Included in the class is your individual Life Path
Awakening book. This is a series of books that I have written on each of the
Life Path numbers. You will find the class to be thought provoking, healing,
and you may uncover benefits in many areas of your life.
Want to avoid being tossed about by every little thing that comes your way?
Journaling is only part of what you will learn to do with more ease.  Weekly
we will be discussing the triggers that come up and learn to work through each
of them in more productive ways.  Peace can be found in the wisdom you acquire
by focusing daily on the positive characteristics of your Life Path number. As
the weeks unfold, challenges you face in life become easier to work through.
You will l begin to live a more positive, productive, and ultimately more
fulfilled life as you expand your mind in the knowledge of the magic you
possess in your unique number.
Why 30 days? We have all heard that practices repeated 30 times or more can
become habits, that is why I have designed it so that we meet 1 time a week
for 4 weeks. Once you have paid for the class your individual Awakening Your
Life Path book ($20 value) will be mailed. After you have received the book,
message me on my site and I will email you directions as to how to get started
on your first week of journaling and schedule your classes, then you will be
given the passcodes for the Zoom meetings.
By the end of this 4-week class, you will be inspired to step into your power
and feel more confidence in what you are truly here to do in this lifetime.
The father of numerology, Pythagoras, teaches that numerology is based on past
lives, and this course is meant to assist you in re-remembering your
assignment for this lifetime. As you begin to embrace the real you, you will
begin to vibrate at your highest level on a more consistent basis. When you
live a more inspirational life, you boldly step into the powers that you were
given at birth but may have forgotten.
Begin to Awaken your Life Path number today, with this 30-Day Challenge.


*Send date of birth in the notes section of the shopping cart*

Awakening Your Life Path: 30-Day Challenge

  • Virtual Classes via Zoom 

    Email Donetta for class schedule

    Once you purchase class and schedule class, Zoom password will be sent via email. 

    Please email exact name on birth certificate in order to receive personalized numerological information to be used during the class.. 

  • This class includes:

    Awakening Your Life Path: 30-Day Challenge Journal

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