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Life Path Numbers

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Each Life Path number has a unique characteristic

1 Life Paths value independence, are self-motivated and like to be in charge of theirown affairs. They are leaders with the drive and determination to accomplish many things. Having a pioneering spirit, 1s demand respect and wish to protect and provide for the ones they love. 1s are original innovators and make for great leaders.

2 Life Paths are cooperative and like to avoid conflict, this makes them effective and gentle peacemakers. Extremely sensitive, 2s can be shy while also being very perceptive, diplomatic and tactful; 2s long for harmony, which is accomplished through their intense sympathy and intuition.

3 Life Paths enjoy communication. Being ambitious and possessing a creative energy, 3s are self-expressive and have the ability to pursue and excel in many different art forms. A 3 is defined by their optimism and generosity. Their uplifting personality allows them to enjoy entertaining others with charm and wit.

4 Life Paths value security and seek it in an organized and disciplined way. Trustworthy and responsible, they are practical and down-to-earth and make for great teachers and mentors. The orderliness and decisiveness of the 4 makes them firmly believe in a rational, step-by-step approach to problem solving. 4s have strong opinions in regard to what is right and what is wrong.

5 Life Paths above all value freedom and seek adventure. They love to travel and meet new people. Active and curious, 5s enjoy change, new experiences, and possess an upbeat personality that is capable of motivating others. As 5s are often unconventional, they are multi-talented and easily adapt to the constant changes that are an inevitable part of the 5 Life Path.

6 Life Paths have a nurturing spirit and are devoted caregivers to those they love. The greatest desire of the 6 is to be of service to others and (delete) comfort those in need. Generous and kind, 6s do not shy away from personal sacrifice. A 6 is remarkably understanding and humble; Life Path 6 is well-equipped to help others in times of n are widely regarded as good judges of character.

7 Life Paths are in the constant pursuit of seeking truth in an analytical way. Devoted to investigating the mysteries of life, they require privacy. This provides a refuge to contemplate and reflect upon their ideas. Inquisitive in their approach, 7s are tremendous thinkers possessing an ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

8 Life Paths value luxury and comfort. They are influential and yearn for financial and spiritual freedom. Persistent, with a controlled demeanor, they possess a talent for management and can easily take control of situations. 8s are visionaries capable of inspiring others and are widely regarded as good judges of characters.

9 Life Paths are humanitarians who wish to selflessly serve others. Compassionate and genuinely concerned with the state of the world, it is through giving that a 9 finds the most satisfaction. With a strong sense of social consciousness, 9s possess a broad outlook on life.

If your birthdate adds up to an 11 or 22 at any point, do not reduce. 11 and 22 are considered Master Numbers because they have the potential to achieve more in this lifetime. These numbers are not easy to handle, they are highly charged and require more time and effort to come to fruition. Understanding and using a Master Number is difficult. This usually does not happen until you have reached some level of mastery of these energies, requiring focus, hard work and years of maturity.

11 Life Paths are born with an inordinate amount of energy and “knowing”. They are given inspiring ideas, thoughts and insights without working through the traditional rational process. They make for great counselors and possess enormous potential. 11’s must have faith in what they know and stop their constant questioning of their own intuition. Also see 2 Life Path.

22 Life Paths are problem-solvers blessed with exceptional common sense. Considered Master-Builders, they have the potential to inspire and motivate others in realizing their dreams. Through a practical method of evaluation, they are able to unite a variety of people to work together in cohesive units in order to achieve their goals. Also see 4 Life Path.

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